Author Topic: Custom Environment map make SD slow down  (Read 1126 times)

HI there
           I was download 3 environment maps(.exr files) from internet. and each one is above 200mb size so when i load anyone of that maps in SD 3d view its slow down the SD and take much time to loading the Environment maps. So the problem is environment maps size? if yes is there any other way to reduce the .exr files size bcoz SD default environment maps size is less than 10mb only

Thanks and regards
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Hey, in the preferences/General, could you try to increase the Image cache size to half of your RAM?
tell me if it helps.

Thanks vincent for your reply but my image cache size is already close to my RAM size i am not increase my image cache size

Could you share your log file pls ?
Sadly, I don't have a proper workflow to decrease the size of an exr (but I am pretty sure someone will ;) )

As far as I know SD only uses 2048x1024 halfFloat .exr's for their environments so you can use Nuke or Photoshop to reformat the HDRs to a smaller size and write the file back to that format. Any file with that bit depth and size should stay around 8MB.
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