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Hi, I'm totally new to Substance Painter and when importing an object I get something like in the attached picture, how can I make it work to see all the faces of the object?

Thank you.

Activate them all in the TextureSet list. What parts you can see (and hide) is dependent on what materials you assigned to the object before importing it into Painter.

And for the inner faces, the backface culling is always on (so you know on which side of the face you can paint)

Hi guys
Thanks for your answers, now i have another question I have an object that i broken into 2 UDIMS sets, so when i import that object into Substance it creates 2 texture sets one for each UDIM, but since is the same object and will be the same material i want it to treat it as one object but since substance is splitting the texture into 2 UDIMS i have to select one texture set to paint and then the other one, hope i made my self-clear.

Hope someone could help me solve this, and hopefully, there is a fix in substance.

Hey, indeed, you cannot paint yet on 2 textureSets at the same time (yet).
That said, can I see your UVs maps? Because if it's what I see on the right of your pic, it's not optimized at all, and you could fit your entire UVs in one single UV space.


Thaks for your reply, i have done the texturing of my asset, but because that part of the asset is split into 3 pieces I get a seam that is very obvious in the image you could see what I'm talking about.
My question is there a way to paint over that seam to remove it?

Hope my question is clear. :)

Thank you.