Author Topic: CEREAL! CRUNCH BERRIES!  (Read 1575 times)

I am new to Substance Painter.. any tips on getting a REALLY great smart shader going that'll look exactly like cereal? 

My model looks like this:
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I would do it like this:

create a few variations of geometry, following the reference

then creating the pile and match the reference/target

then create a substance (in designer), that does 90% of the job. It's a tricky one, and I would be surprised, if you would find a ready made smart material, "that'll look exactly like cereal"

I would pick a few objects from the scene and paint on top of the substance manually, using painter, to break everything up a bit.

another challenge is the shader: there is a good amount of translucency going on, and due to the structure of the cereal, the shader translucency has a lot of depth

which renderer are you going to use?

I had a feeling someone was going to misinterpret my post, I should have been more precise

I wasn't looking for a ready made smart material for cereal

I was looking for tips on how to use Substance Painter, and the best way to get the geo to look like the piece of cereal.. If there was a ready made smart material out there. I wouldn't have posted on a forum 

It actually be be used/rendered in After Effects 3D Element.