Author Topic: Project File/Substance Version Compatibility  (Read 3052 times)

With the painter version changes lately, I'm a bit confused about what versions of painter projects are compatible with.

Currently I have a project saved from 2017.2.0. What versions of painter will be able to open this file?

2017.2 is the latest release, so only this version will open projects saved with it. All projects are forward compatible, so you can open them with any newer version than the one it was saved with.

So then if I were to install SP2 Legacy, and save this project with that version, will it then be openable with all SP2 and 2017+ versions, or just 2.6.1 and 2017+?

A file saved with SP 2.3 for example will only be compatible with 2.3+ including 2017.x, not 2.1.

Excellent. Thanks!