Author Topic: Check my reasoning: Stick with upgrades or move to Substance  (Read 619 times)

I have a SD 5 Indie license that I can buy a years maintenance for $75
I have a SP 2 Indie license for which maintenance ends at end of September 17. After that point also I can get another year of maintenance for $75

Or I can move to Substance ~10$ a month for 6 months then ~$20 for 6 months. And if I cancel ~100$ to retain a licence. And I assume in year 2 it is ~20$ every month.

As an existing Indie license owner it seems a no brainer to me to keep paying the annual maintenance cost. I own what I have paid for and can skip maintenance if I want.

Are their any advantages to being a Substance subscriber I have missed? The difference in cost is really quite big so I would have to be getting something pretty valuable to justify switching.

BTW I am entirely happy with the options - I just want to ensure I have not missed something.

Hey with the monthly, you also get access to Substance source + Substance B2M (+ the theoretical upcoming software ;) )

Ok thanks helpful. I have B2M3 - which I have never used, and as a hobbyist I am only tinkering so a library of materials is not really needed. As for the theoretical upcoming software - let's wait and see!

So I think I am still best to upgrade - when I need to.