Author Topic: Bugs : Houdini Crashes when trying to create digital asset with a substance node  (Read 1963 times)


I am running Houdini 16.0.633 on Linux/Ubuntu 16.04.
I have a couple of concerns/bugs to report:

1) When trying to delete a substance node Houdini crashes!
2) When trying to create a digital asset that contains a substance node Houdini crashes!

1 and 2 seems pretty serious to me? Anyone else experiencing these bugs?

I also have a feature request/concern. I often set parameters through python code.
But in the substance shop the parameters for exporting to textures are renamed each time I run load substance.
ie they become for example "_substanced_19" or _"substance_21" instead of "_sub_export" which would be more appropriate.

Hey Joel Kronander O,

Thank you for reporting this. I will be looking into this as soon as we get the Linux workstation set up with Houdini installed and I will report back with my findings. :)
Integrations QA Analyst

I have run into this issue as well. Unfortunately this makes the plug-in unsafe to use in production.

I'm having trouble with this same problem as well. I work as environment artist at Remedy Entertainment and would use this plugin for work.
For me this happens on Windows.

Hey @Joel Kroander O,, and @mchapmanOR,

We have released a new Houdini plugin version today which should fix this, now available on the download page.

Please let us know if this resolves your issue and if you have any further issues :)
Integrations QA Analyst