Author Topic: Transform Filter for Groups ?  (Read 3727 times)

Hi guys,

I´m using SP for creating a trim sheet and I like the transform filter, because I can duplicate layers and move them around on my sheet.

It would be awesome, if I could use this transform filter on a group of objects. Is this somehow possible?


This is doable with a layer where all of the channels have their blending mode set to "PassThrough". From there, simply add the effect with the transform above the layers you want to edit.
As a quick setup, you can drag and drop the effect directly from the shelf into the layer stack and it will do the same as describe above. :)
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
Fabrice Piquet aka Froyok. Product Manager, Technical Artist and Documentation at Adobe.

Thanks Froyok - I´ll try it out later :-) .