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Just been trying to figure how to delete resource files that are imported. There is no delete button, no right click delete.
File -> clean has been tried multiple times and didn't do a thing.
Finding the mountain of files in the folders is extremely tedious and some are hard to find in all the subfolders.
Googling a bit around shows that this seems to be an issue for quite some people.

Pls would there be a possibility to add such option.

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Hey, you can directly go to Documents\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\shelf to delete the resources you imported.

Thank you for your reply Vincent, she did this already but it's not easy for her to find them all. Still an option to delete in the UI would be more efficient.

Wanted to add this to the customer voice thingy to vote, see it has been added and is in the planning already. Super, thank you.

yes this is something we should add at some point.

Has the feature to delete imported resources been implemented yet? Even when I start a new project there are these huge bitmaps that are in the shelf.
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so far, no

Hello. I am usually using the IMPORT RESOURCE method to add materials and such. So somehow i can't locate my added resources nor can i find my own Materials in the folder to delete them. T_T
Is there any way to find them ?

I would really like this too - I could not find my imported project files under Documents\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\shelf

This really needs to be made an option. Its 5/2/2020 and we can still not delete from the UI. Although we can 'show in explorer' it has no impact on what is in the shelf.
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What would be the folder path for deleting something imported with "project" as the setting rather then shelf?

I am replacing some of the texture files in my material with revisions.  And want to make sure I am only using the newest versions.

Is it possible to re-name files in the Shelf?

oh wow, it's 2021 and this feature is not added yet.

the current method is such a daft, backwards way of doing things  :-X

August 2017 "yes this is something we should add at some point."

May 2021.... Nothing yet.

Seriously Substance is amazing but they way they neglect some basic workflow and UI improvements sometimes is such a lame....

Yeah, kinda ridiculous that you can't remove something with a click or 2. This is why free open source programs are taking over, something as simple as this gets fixed pretty quickly.