Author Topic: Ability to handle multiple UV's per object, and UI requests  (Read 89 times)

This request is maybe addressed somehow in the latest update, which I haven't fully worked out how to use, but I need to be able to paint on objects with more than one UV layout for them. This functionality is actually quite basic and important for texturing most large areas in much of my work, which is currently largely in architecture.

So all surfaces, like walls and floors, and rooves, have a underlying base layer, which then has variation added using a lower density UV map. It also is needed for things like vegetation, where you can use a tiled image as a "base" layer, which works for closeup views ie a map for each leaf in a plant, but then you can add variation over that with another layer set to a different UV mapping value.

This workflow is  crucial for my work in both illustration and game development, and is a HUGE omission as far as I can see with the Substance line of products, Painter in particular.

I would like to see some refinements in the Painter UI, which I have just started experimenting with. Apart from being a 3d artist, I have also worked as a UI designer over the years, and so these observations are nit picking at a certain level, but UI design is all about refining the user experience, not simply just making it possible to do something.

My overall impression of the program is that a lot of thought has been put into many aspects of the functionality of the software, but the same level of thought and resources have not been put into development of the UI.

The first problem I encountered with the UI was its LOOK and FEEL, to my eyes, it is rough and not really user friendly.

Important functions like adding layers are buried in contextual non-main mouseclick menus, many of the most used panes are buried in scrollable panels that are hidden when the panel is first opened, and have to be scrolled to unless you have a really large high resolution screen.

Settings for often-used functionality like configuring the main 3d display port to show transparency and displacement are hidden in contextual popups and buried option screen panels scattered around the UI.

Then there is the use of screen space. The swatches and icons for the various layers are often HUGE, and the size of these can't be changed as far as I can see - what is it with that huge ball that dominates the top of the PROPERTIES panel? Good grief.

Then there is the typography of the panels. Get this, CAPITAL LETTERS ARE LIKE SHOUTING! I don't like a creative tool to shout at me every time I use it. Please change the panel names to uppers and lowers and a bold system font of the users choosing preferably.

I use Blender and Maya, and both UI's give me option of loading a "light" version of the interface (as do all other Adobe programs I've used), and LIGHT one I prefer to use, I find the white type on black harder to read, and sort of depressing, like I was working in Mordor or something. Maya is built on top of the QT UI framework, and it includes a range of standard UI looks that can be accessed by adding a startup string in MacOS by using a command line macro to launch maya, and on Windows you just add the string to an alias.

The overall feel of the panels in Painter is "jumpy", with the scroll bars and layers flickering and flashing with user input (this is on Windows, it seems "calmer" on the Mac), and they are often difficult to grab. It feels like whoever coded it did it by the seat of their pants, and it has been hacked and tweaked by subsequent programmers who did not understand or want to mess with the original code.

I love being able to tweak the splash screen in my programs, an option that is not often present, but you can do it easily in Maya, and it would be great if you could do it in Painter and the other programs from you guys.

This is especially so because I have not liked  any of your choices in Painter that I have seen so far, but at least you seem to change them often. This is meant to be an artist's tool, and seeing some loud "in your face" "naive" image, the conceptual equivalent of a child's drawing, every time you start it up is mildly offputting, lol.

Honestly, I would prefer a blank screen, with a SMALL logo, if you can't manage to make it user customizable. Daz3d gives a user two options, a nasty looking, out of date huge logo splash screen, or a slightly goofy looking rendered image of some semi realistic but cartoony overmuscled superhero types, so perhaps it is possible to do worse than you have.
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