Author Topic: Substance Painter 2 for all levels! Special Discount at a limited time  (Read 10771 times)

Substance Painter 2 for all levels is here!  And at a special opening price of 78% off!

Tutorial Link with discount automatically applied-


Go to search for the course "Substance Painter 2 for all levels"   to enter promotion code:


- In this course you will develop a strong foundation to texturing in Substance Painter 2 through provided models such as a low rez and high rez sci-fi helmet

- We  will start off with learning the basic of Substance Painter 2 through a simple low Rez flying saucer model, and show you the basics of baking out maps.

- Demonstrate how to apply base color through  fill layers and utilize a wide variety of methods in manipulating masks to control how those colors are displayed.

- From there we will be building off of what we learned in how to manipulate color and apply the same concept to more advance subjects, such as  materials and smart materials utilizing  smart masks and generators.

- Cover how to build your own unique Smart Materials from scratch and demonstrate how to combine them in with existing smart materials.

- Demonstrate Opacity and Emissive texture maps and how they plug into Unity and Iray

- In this course we will also be covering the export texturing process and bringing our model into Unity 5 and do a demonstration of how to plug in all the materials we generated from Substance Painter.

- We will also have a crash course into Substance Painters built in renderer Iray and demonstrate how we can generate a high quality render in a short amount of time.

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