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spainter.exe --projectFile "sample.spp" --exportpath $FILE_DIR+"\\textures" --settings "4k, {albedo, normal, metallic, ao}"

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spainter.exe --projectFilesDir "bunchOfSpp" --exportpath $EACH_FILE_DIR+"\\textures" --settings "4k, {albedo, normal, metallic, ao}"

The answer is "Yes"

More seriously, don't hesitate to make a complete sentence, so we know what you have in mind ;)

I guess you would like to export map(s) via command line (?)
Did you have a look at the scripting documentation?

It is possible to do this currently, but it is not a nice implementation.

From your external tool, you can dynamically build a Painter plugin which is set to run on startup, deploy the plugin, run Painter and let the plugin open a file, export the textures and then close Painter. It works, but it is not particularly robust or nice approach.

It's also possible to control Painter remotely from your external tool using the QML websocket interface - I would link you to the scripting API documentation page but it is not available online .. ?
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