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Hello guys, I come here after a long search. All I've seen are psots from 2015 aprox with the same error as I have, and all I saw was thge "we will do a hotfix" but saw nothing else, sinse they used 1.7 versions and so on. I'm using 2017.2.0 Indie license

When exporting maps to sketchfab it says:
[MapExporterDialog] Starting map export
[StacksExporter] Map export ended
[Sketchfab Exporter] Starting mesh export
[Sketchfab Exporter] Failed to export mesh file

and after the fail I have the folder with the maps created so it really bugs when exporting mesh

Could you try to export again and then attach a log file ?
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Here you go

Any news?

Still nothing?  :-\

Hey, sorry for the delay: I'm creating an issue for this for the QA team to look at it.

Hi Echu,

From your Log file, it seems that your issue is related to a special character in the name of your export directory ("NeoG?tic").

I reproduced the issue and it's now in our database. Unfortunately, ​I can't give any ETA for the moment.

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This happened to me on any folder of the Computer. At first I thought it was because the accentuation of NeoGótic. But then I checked it has nothing to do with it :/

P.S.: Sorry for late response, I was on holidays, so anything you need to check this error, let me know


Could you send me the Log files generated when exporting on the other locations/paths?

Thanks for your help.
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You mean exporting sketchfab preset? When I export any other preset on any folder works perfect

Just in case, here is another from Sketchfab preset to another location

Hi Echu,

The easiest way is to send me your project to produce your problem on my computer.
Do you think it's possible?

Also, can you check if you are concerned by one of these cases:

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Ofc, just the spp? how do I do it, just like I've posted the log errors? (dunno the max size) Sorry for these late responses, gotta hand in a final Master project on friday and was super busy
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