Author Topic: Goofy workflow?  (Read 2150 times)

Hey everyone! So I have an oddball question to throw out there:  Is there a way to merge the texture work from one painter file into another?

The Why:
something I noted as a bug in painter is that occasionally, if you re-import a mesh multiple times, the ID pass will stop baking correctly.  What will happen is that I will start working with an asset, open it up, bake all my passes, and begin texturing it.  Somewhere in the middle of this texturing process, the model will get refined or altered.  In these cases I go to project configuration, select the updated asset, re-import the new one, re-bake and all the passes for the updated asset and tweak what the new UV's broke. Occasionally, this will break the file somehow.  Substance painter will refuse to output a pass, often the ID pass and nothing I do gets it to output anything other than a flat grey.  If I start a new file, baking from the very same mesh, everything will bake just fine... but I loose all my texture work. 

So is there a way of taking all my texture work from the old file into the new file?

You can put all your stack in a single folder, save it as a smart material, tand then drop that smart mat in your new project.

Yeah... thats what I do now but I was hoping there was a more intelligent way of doing it?  To be frank, this process is hit or miss with my machine (some assets have too many layers and it crashes my machine)