Author Topic: High CPU Temps When Baking  (Read 1197 times)

I'm running an Intel i7 7700k kaby lake, and when I run a bake textures in the latest version of Substance Painter, I'm getting temps upwards of 95C.
I believe my last PC build was only reaching 80C max with a similar liquid cooling setup.
Is this a common temp for texture baking with the new kaby lake processors, or should I be concerned for my particular chip?

It seesm like it's a common issue with this processor:
95C is pretty high for a CPU, I would advise getting a more efficient cooling system for it if it currently uses the stock fan.

I've read about it being a common issue with this cpu but was hoping to get some insight from other 7700k users. Has anyone else seen temps this high? If not, what cooling configuration are you using?

I suggest to you go and and look for cooler information there.

AnandTech is one of my favorite sites, and they are fairly analytical in their reviews.
Here is an example of a cooler article there:

You can find some very good air coolers, but I don't have a specific recommendation for you.  Good luck.
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You have 2 options, delid the processor at a small risk of breaking it, or buy a better cooler.
I have the same chip and it runs at 70 under full load with a noctua nh-d15.