Author Topic: Shaders and material in Unreal Engine?  (Read 892 times)

Ok, here's some beginner and prolly dumb questions.

Can somebody explain shaders to me? The only thing I found online is more shaders available to download from Substance Share and under viewer settings in documentation. The only thing I noticed it does is change the way it looks in viewport ,but does it also affect the way the material looks when exported?

I did a test exporting to UE4 and my material looks a bit different than in Substance Painter. Tried different export options got same results. Is this caused by lighting and environment settings? How can I match that in unreal? I used the same background from Substance in UE4 ,but that didn't help much. Also my texture quality seems low in unreal. Everything is a 2048 in Substance. I exported as .png 16 bit 2048 , but the texture almost looks as if I exported as 1024.

hey, you can consider the shader as a small program that sets the rules for the rendering of a 3d asset (light, color etc...)
it can use the information of the textures to drive the final results but does not change the textures.

Therefore, the textures generated by SP will remain the same, but the final look of the material will depend on how the shader (in Unreal engine) will use these textures.

We made sure that the interpretation in SP is as close as possible as the results you could get in UE4 with the default shaders

Hope it helps ;)