Author Topic: Bake Only Visible and Export Only Visible Texture Sets Buttons  (Read 1359 times)


Usually I am working with models which have anywhere between 15-20 Texture Sets and there are times when I am working on only 4-5 Texture Sets out of those 15-20. So, to bake the maps for the Texture Sets either I have to bake all the texture sets or go one by one and then bake. I suggest creating a button in the Baking dialogue box which bakes only the visible texture sets. This will save quite a bit of time for users working on only part of the model. Also, another button can be created to export maps for only visible texture sets as there are times the texture sets are not listed in order in the export box and its time consuming to find individual texture sets and check them. I have attached images to show what I mean.
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Nice suggestion: I shared it with the team.

thank you for sharing it with the team :)