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Hello, i have SP installed on an SSD. I dont want to store substances, textures etc on it because of limited space. So i defined an extra Shelf location in Preferences -> Shelf. After restart the definition is still there but it does not load any of the substances/files that are in that location.

How do i automatically load stuff into SP from a custom location, not the default user-profile location?

Hey, is the path on another hard drive?
Could you provide your log file, please?
Log file procedure :


Yes, the path is of course on another hard drive (Substance+ system install on SSD,  library with stuff and assets on HDD)
Log is here
(procedure of opening SP and choosing "start painting" on the default sample manequin). Or should i make a log where i set up the extra shelf location?
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Would it be possible to get an answer to this issue? Is it a bug, lack of functionality, or something else?
My trial time is running out and i would not want to buy a tool that does not work properly on my system.

Hey, I have created a ticket, so the QA team can investigate.


Did you respect the following requirements?

Especially this part:

"There are different kind of files supported by the Shelf of Substance Painter.
A folder is used to determine the usage of a ressource, this is why it is importante to choose the right folder when adding new content :
SBSAR (substance materials) can be used as "Materials" (they go into "shelf \ materials")
SBSAR (filters) can be used as the "Filters" (they go into "shelf \ effects")
SBSAR (generator) can be used in the "Generators", (they go into "shelf \ effects")
SPPR (material presets) can be used in the "Materials", (they go into "shelf \ presets \ materials")
SPPR (particle presets) can be used as "Particles" brush, (they go into "shelf \ presets \ particles")
SPSM (smart materials) can be used in the "Smart Materials", (they go into "shelf \ smart-materials")
Textures (PNG, TGA, JPEG, and so on) can be used as "Textures", (they go into "shelf \ textures")

SBS (not SBSAR) files can't be used in Substance Painter directly, you need Substance Designer to export them as SBSAR."

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