Author Topic: [SOLVED] Tri Planar & Dirt generator - huge splats.  (Read 1246 times)

Hello there!

I am trying to convert UV Tiled Materials and Dirt into a Tri Planar Mapped Material. This workes fine with this Tri Planar Material Node from Substance Share.

In picture #1 you see how the node looks applied to a blended material wood & metal, all fine. In picture #2 you see the dirt Generator applied (no tri planar), looks fine but with seams. If I now apply the Tri Planar Mapping node to the whole material result it looks like in picture #3. There's huge splats appearing and I don't know why. I've added my setup for picture #3 as a reference as well, maybe you know how I can achieve a nice tri planar dirt mask.

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#4 (Setup for picture #3)
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Hey, I solved it!

I was just placing the tri planar node on the wrong side of the dirt generator. And far more easy it already has a tri planar mode built in.

Thanks anyway :)