Author Topic: Generate Color Map from existing Material ID's  (Read 2290 times)


I'd like to process a large amount of meshes out of 3ds Max that have different material ID's assigned to them.

How do I extract those ID's in Substance Designer and assign one color per ID to use that color map later to assign different Substances? Or maybe I don't need the color map at all and can just assign Substances per given Mat ID?

Basically: Mesh with Mat ID's -> color map from Mat ID's -> assign Substances in Substance Designer.

Thanks very much.

Hey, did you try the multi material blend node?

Use the "color map from mesh" baker and change the "color source" parameter to "material color".

Hey, thank you very much!

It worked for now but another question emerged: is there any possible way to always assign one specific color according to what mesh ID was assigned in Max? Like maybe a script or some preset, so that if I have 10 or 100 objects that all have Mat IDs assigned, those colors will stay consistent for each ID?

The use for this would be to always assign e.g. a wood material to ID 1 (red), metal to ID 2 (yellow), [...], fabric to ID 55 (blue) etc.

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You will be able to change the mesh colors using the Substance Python API in the Substance Automation Toolkit (which should be made available soon for indies).