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As I currently don´t have access to a trial or anyone with a license I can not check this within the current version of substance designer, so I will go ahead and ask it here: Has there been added a proper dilation/padding node or similar solution to output maps yet?
As I do remember from my time testing the software I had to export my maps with a masked alpha and run them through some Photoshop actions, utilizing xnormals dilation filter, oin order to get proper padding on my maps.

If so, how has it been implemented?

As Substance Designer usually creates its UV-shell-selection from a baked map, the padding is also derived from that bake.

And you can adjust the padding in the baking window for each bake.

Does this answer your question?

Yeah I remember how padding worked when baking but is there a node that can be assigned so that I get my output maps properly padded/dilated before exporting? I am talking about my final diffuse for example. That map needs to have each uv island dilate its color information by X pixels sp that seems will not show during mip mapping etc.
In photoshop I would run a action that takes the masked diffuse group and applies a X pixels dilation to it before flattening and saving. If I would replicate that workflow in substance designer I would have a mask applied just before the final diffuse output node and then I would like to insert a dilation node of some sort that dilates the diffuse before it reaches the final output node and then gets exported for use in-engine.

Does that make the question clearer?

Ok, now I understand.

But isn´t dilating just a technique to create padding at the end of the pipeline, in case you forgot it at some point?

According to my logic, if padding is used for the bakes from the very beginning,  there is enough padding space provided to avoid any kind of bleeding.
And as SD lets you rebake each map with updated settings easily, it shouldn´t even be an issue, if you forgot it at some point.
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Well then everything that is brought into sub Designer also has to be given proper padding before entering the graphs. Another Issue is that for example all masks used and painted needs to be padded somehow, not all can always be generated by generators when it comes to final quality. The RGB masks used for separating materials would also have to be dilated before used then. Anything added after any baked maps or generated masks (not hand painted) has to be dilated before implemented if nothing is added to the final output.
So at least to my workflow it seems that a node based padding solution is missing. Or just a parameter using present alpha mask in the export options or the output node.
As I stated before, I have not had a chance to try the 4.3 and up releases at all.

How do you guys deal with these things? Padding is really important, I can get around it but would prefer to be able to have it done automated within just this one software.

One basic question from my side: Proper padding provided, will it ever be necessary to dilate pixels?
I can´t think of any example, maybe because I got used to the non-destructive SD workflow so fast - rebaking source maps with proper padding icluded.

I´m not sure if you know this thread:

Here is a padding filter that I use. The main usage is when you import a texture that was not baked with SD and has no padding. In the screen shot, you can see the two types of maps you can feed the node. The RGB image is if the map has transparency, you only need to supply the single map. If the RGB image doesn't have transparency, you will need to supply a grayscale mask as well.


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