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I have an issue with the batch tool when trying either matching by name or multiple meshes.
I have conducted theses tests :
Baking 1 high to 1 low - Working
Baking 2 high to 2 low - Not working. Only the first instance is baked (the second is black)
Baking 2 high to 1 low using matching by name : Not working, only the first mesh is baked but the second is ignored.

I wanted to know if the baker was supporting either multiple meshes or matching by name, since I have to bake a lot of elements and wanted to use it to bake it during the night.

thanks in advance

Update 1 : I added a Zip file for testing. It's what we used for testing. It's composed of 3 folders :

Single : contains a Cube_low and Cube_high, both in .fbx and named the same way inside of maya. (Baking works fine)

Multiple : contains Cube_low_part1, Cube_low_part2, Cube_high_part1 and Cube_high_part2. (This is to test if we can have 2 separate normal baked. First normal baked correctly, but second baked black)

Multiple Merged :  Contains Cube_low (which has Cube_low_part1 and Cube_low_part2) and Cube_high (which has Cube_high_part1 and Cube_high_part2). In this instance, Cube_low_part1 was correctly baked but Cube_low_part2 was not.

We also tried baking Cube_low containing part1 and part2 with Cube_high_part1 and Cube_high_part2 separated (using matching by name) but it still gave us the part1 baked correctly but not part2.

Every files and .fbx and the mesh inside are correctly named.


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We are able to reproduce. We'll fix that as soon as possible.
Btw, the sbsbaker from the latest batchtools does not have the problem.
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After further investigation it appears it's not a bug but a change in the command line system: now you have to use --highdef-mesh for each high definition mesh file.

--highdef-mesh C:\tmp\Cube_high_part1.fbx --highdef-mesh C:\tmp\Cube_high_part2.fbx
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