Author Topic: Normal to Height behavior after Transform nodes not the same  (Read 873 times)

Why does the Height to Normal node behave differently after a Transformation3D node than it does after a SafeTransform node? Actually looks like it inverts the green channel.

Hey, honestly, apart from a different offset, I don't notice any major differences betweens the 2 versions (and the green channel doesn't seem inverted).

Hey Vincent, thanks for replying.

The highlights are actually caught on the opposing edge. I'll open the file again to double check.

Also, I added the sbs.

I don't understand your question. The "height to normal" does not behave differently. The result of the "safe transform node" and the "transform" nodes are different (shifted a bit) so since you provide the "height to normal" node with different inputs, it computes a different output accordingly (shifted by the same amount). The highlights are on top of your thin stripes in both cases, but the thin stripes have moved.
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