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Hi everyone, I'm a freelance artist, I go by the name of Heavy Blaze Night (HBN). I love electronic music (dubstep/dnb/trap) and all the stuff related with 3D and design. I discovered Allegorithmic software on YT. And because a friend of mine that is already working in the industry recommended me to use it (Painter) by the time Mat's contest was launched.

For me this piece of software is a game changer because my desktop is very slow for rendering matters, but it runs Painter and Designer with almost no problem. The workflow is very smooth and it looks pretty cool, so I got hooked immediately.

My first project with Painter was Fashion Mat, wearing a pink cammo pajamas, stood on a glowing porcelain base. Fashion Mat is an avant garde artist, leader of the haute couture movement.

By the time I submitted it I could not figure how to apply the emission effect on iRay but here it is, lol. I intend to post here some of the projects I've done with Painter gradually. I pretty much love using both Painter and Designer!

I also made this a while ago for my project named XR Project. Some props for my main character. The story of each prop is written on my Artstation posts :D.

I recently learnt how easy is to bake so, I'll definitely going to improve in my next projects.

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My last project, I think I abuse a little bit with the post effects haha, need to improve a lot of things, but I love it.