Author Topic: Error C1008: undefined variable "hammersley2D"  (Read 1043 times)

I updated to the latest version of Substance Painter and now my assets from the previous version show up pink. It is complaining about a custom shader that I use, giving the error C1008: undefined variable "hammersley2D".

Has this function been replaced with something else?


We've done some refactoring in the shader API recently, so there may be a few things that needs updating. You can look at the lib-pbr.glsl category in the Shader API help file to see the latest functions available.

Awesome, thank you sir!

It is complaining about hammersley2D. Do you know what the new function replaced this?

We replaced our 2D sample positions generator which was relying on a Hammersley sequence with a Fibonacci sequence. The new function is called fibonacci2D (surprisingly).