Author Topic: Failed to decode Substance [Bug?]  (Read 520 times)

Hi guys, I’m working with Designer and Painter making simple base materials,
and this is the first time the material can’t be used in Painter.

So I generally open one sample scene, import the published material, when it finishes loading the material in the shelf, it shows as an empty material in plain white/grey. And after dragging the material to the mesh it crashes or shows this message.

I had no problem loading the material in Substance Player, so I guess it's a Painter's issue.

I'm going to attach the Log file and the material.


UPDATE #1: I have found that using  hashtags '#' for naming the files may be causing this errors.

UPDATE #2: I could go away with changing the hashtag with underscore '_' after publishing it.

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Thanks for the details, we will look into it.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
Froyok aka Fabrice Piquet, Technical Artist and Product Designer at Allegorithmic.

Thank you Froyok.