Author Topic: Normal to Height HQ node producing extra "noise"  (Read 4821 times)

Is there any way to remove the extra noise that is showing up after using the Normal to Height HQ node?
The noise is present even when I use a flat, grey texture for the normal map.
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Hey, I can't reproduce this issue  :-\
Could you send us the input map you used to get this result? where you in 16 bits?

Hi there,

I will try tomorrow at work too - all I did was just Uniform Color (Grey) then to Normal Node and then to Normal to Height HQ - and then export as Height map. When you check in Photoshop the texture has two different colors of the pixels - 127 and 128 which produce an unwanted noise.
I will let you know tomorrow if I have the same problem at work.
And yes I am working in 16 bits.

So I did some more test and I have noticed that it doesn't happen when I use PNG format. When I use BMP format then I get the "noisy" output.
It is not a big deal as there is a work around it ;)