Author Topic: how to prevent SD changing the file names of textues when exporting MDL  (Read 746 times)

I have created a number of MDL's which I'm exporting to be used in different platforms. The MDL's use some of a limited list of textures which I would like the MDL's to look for after exporting. The issue is when I export the MDL it exports the textures and renames them. The result is every time I create a new MDL pre-set I want to export or a modification to the node graph the exported MDL has new copies of the textures vs looking for the original textures. This is duplicating the heavy files.
Is there any way to avoid this either be exporting the textures with the original name or by not exporting the textures and leaving the user to relink them on install.

Hey, We don't have the control on the filenames of the textures that are generated when exporting to a .mdl file. All is done by the MDL SDK.