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"You can parameterize your Substances, giving the Substance Engine direct, real-time access to elements such as HSL values, randomization, blending modes"

That's a quote from the documentation:

Welp, I tried exposing blending modes and failed miserably. Any chance I can do it?

Hey Maya Gameworks 0,

what is your issue exactly and what steps did you make and where are you stuck?

Following the documentation should let you expose the blending modes from a Blend Node flawlessly.

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Sorry, I should have been more specific.

Exposed blend modes did not show up in Painter that was my issue. To be specific I was building a filter and every parameter I exposed showed up fine but the blend mode combo box. I did try to solve it myself but nothing helped (Indeger1's drop-down list does not show nor does the slider), and I had to build a complicated node system with switch-es to overcome this:

Here are the GDrive links to the .sbs and .sbsar files:

Substance Painter, version 2017.2.0
Build 1736 - 5fbdf6403cc165101dd263c2ccc4a30b4379a32f

Substance Designer, version 2017.1.3 build 474 (Release).

My system is Windows 10.

Yes, it is an unfortunate choice of example in the documentation. The blending modes for atomic blend nodes and fx-maps are some of the few parameters that can't be directly exposed (the full list is in the same documentation page you linked, in the section "exceptions and caveats"). An indirect way of doing it is by using several blend nodes and using a switch, as you did.

Just as a suggestion: would be nice to see something like an asterisc in that place in the documentation, pointing to the "caveats and exceptions".

Thanks for the suggestion: I'll this to my TODO list