Author Topic: Baking error in Substance Painter  (Read 3700 times)

Hello guys,

I'm having issues with the baking of a simple cylinder shaped object with a circular cut on the side. I checked everything.The UV island is a straight line and name is matching because everything else in the model is ok. I don't know what can cause this issue. Maybe a little bug. I've attached an image of the problem.

Looks to me like your normals are directed away from cylinder sides, instead of being perpendicular to those sides. Maybe it's a result of selected "Average normals" option, or just the way you set up smoothing groups / hard edges in your model.

Thanks for your answer but not fixed yet. I tried to use Edit Normals modifier on both high poly and low poly to fix the normals. I tried to uncheck the Average Normals box. I've even tried different export types like one with all the modifiers collapsed and one not collapsed and it does different results like you see in the image attached. I've tried also to use Reset XForm to check the faces but nothing, it still does strange things. I don't know what to try else. Thanks in advance for any support.

The image here

This thread at Polycount does a good job explaining what's going on :

(I am posting a link on because the images are not available anymore from the original version on Polycount).

Problem solved. Thank you. It was just a lack of fundamentals. Have a nice day!