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When I try importing normal brushes there is no option for placing them in the Hard Surfaces category. I tried making a Hard Surface folder within the Textures folder (inside my Documents folder) but they didn't show when I relaunched SP. I tried importing them which works but they appear directly in the Textures category in the Shelf. How can I move them to the Hard Surfaces category?



The Hard Surface category you see in the shelf is part of the default Allegorithmic shelf which you can't write on.
When you import all your new hard surface assets, make sure to enter "Hard Surface" in the prefix/path field in the import window. This will put them in a Hard Surface sub-folder in your own texture shelf. You won't see them in the Hard Surface shelf preset though since it only filters assets from the Allegorithmic shelf.

You will see the new folder though if you click on the Textures preset and open the "filter editor" (little triangle icon top left of the asset view in the shelf).
You should now see at the bottom a shelf>textures>Hard Surface.
Select it and click on the Save Shelf Preset from Selection button to create a new preset entry. It's the 3rd button from the left on top of the shelf.