Author Topic: HELP - Substance Designer - Transparent Substance to Unity  (Read 2844 times)


I am trying to create a substance of rust that can be usable on multiple object within Unity. Therefore I wan't a substance with transparency, so I can apply the rust on top of different materials. How do I do this?

I've read this thread and created the output node and set it as opacity. I see  the transparency in Substance Designer but once I export it to Unity, what should be transparent is black.

I have to export a .sbsar file because I need to use sliders within Unity.

How can I make in transparent in Unity? Is it an issue of Substance Designer or Unity?


EDIT: when I click on export outputs as bitmaps the base color map has transparency and the opacity map is completely black. When I import the material to Unity nothing has transparency.

In the inspector window of the imported sbsar in Unity, change the rendering mode to either cutout or fade. The option is near the top.