Author Topic: [Solved] Standalone to Steam Inquiry  (Read 1545 times)

I bought the standalone version of the indie pack from this site, and read that I could contact you guys to obtain Steam keys to get SP, SD, B2M and the 30PBR mats on there as well. I sent an inquiry about 3 days ago to sales using and was curious what the turnaround time would be, or if I even used the right method to begin with. lol

Thread I saw the info:,1366.0.html

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We answer all emails in 24 hours maxi, and for Steam Keys it's in general even faster...
You should have received a ticket confirmation after sending your mail, can you give it to me? Or can you give me your email by PM, so I can check it?

Head of Product Management

I received an automatic response from Zendesk after sending it, but nothing afterward. I sent you my email in a pm, thanks.

I'm so sorry, I found an email from the 24th in my spam box that had my Steam keys. I didn't think to look there since I received the automated message just fine.  Thanks!