Author Topic: 2017.1.2 save graph presets within graph?  (Read 1448 times)

Hey! There appears to be some kind of new option to save and manage graph presets within the Input Parameters (Preview) window, but it doesn't appear to save any of the parameters? Is this working yet? Is there some documentation on how to use it?

If this is going to be a way of saving mutiple graph presets actually into the .sbs (a quick look at the xml suggests something is being saved there), or even linking and editing .sbsprs preset files, this could be incredibly useful for a project I am working on at the moment!  :D


Creating presets his a bit difficult if you don't have the documentation.
So, once you've finish to create your parameters, your can save presets by going into 'Preview' mode, just like you did.
To create a preset you have to pin all the parameters you want to save using the little icone on the right.
Unpin it if you don't want to use an other value than the default one.

Hope this is clear :)
Don't hesitate to come back to me if not !
QA Analyst

Ah yeah, I've managed to create some presets now, cheers!

Is the only way to modify a preset to delete it and create a new one though? I've tried editing params when you have an existing preset selected and the changes don't seem to be preserved when I switch back to that preset again.

This is a great new feature though, thanks! I'm going to have to change a few scripts I've written that currently use .sbsprs files in quite a laborious manner, to read this data straight from the .sbs instead I think.