Author Topic: Set Material Defaults  (Read 1269 times)

It would be great if we could right click the materials and "set Defaults" or "Save Settings as Default" as opposed to only being able to "Create material preset", which duplicates the material in our shelf. This would overwrite the settings in the material so that it always comes in with the same settings. Perhaps this would warrant a "Restore Material Defaults" as well.

This could solve the issue of the white previews as we could turn on the correct channels and then save that as default (noting that the materials should remember what channels are active). It would also solve the issue where some materials are defaulted with just overall bad settings such as too strong depth, too low roughness, too much moss...etc and require us to change them every single time. Since all materials are different and all requirements for projects are different, allowing us to set what we think is a good default setup seems the only viable option.

Hopefully this makes sense.