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Being a piece of professional software I was hoping to see Substance might good use of available CPU power. Doing a 4K bake right now, Substance is utilizing a grand total 23% of an 8 core CPU. Only pinging 1 single thread to 100% and the rest very little.

Is this intended to be so wasteful of system resources? If so I hope your programmers are looking into using hardware better in the future as this scales very poorly in a workstation oriented professional environment.

Please note that some of our bakers work more on the GPU than the CPU. We actually have very fast bakers, and don't waste ressources because we wan't to. Without knowing which baker is currently running behind your screenshot, it's hard to tell your more details.

Note that the thread at 100% is mostly the computation of the UI.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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The baker running in that image was the Normal map one and GPU usage during it was at 6% so I don't think it was doing much there.

In all, the CPU usage in that screenshot was similar for Normal, World Space Normal, ID, Curvature and Position.

The AO and Thickness bakers are certainly more efficient pinning most cores to around 70%, seeing a definite gain in the speed there for a high core workstation but losing a lot of speed over a higher clocked quad core in every other map bake.

For context the GPU is a 1080Ti.
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In your list, the AO from mesh and thickness bakers are the only ones using the CPU a lot. The others are mostly on GPU, and very lightweight (except maybe the curvature which should be a bit more taxing on the GPU). The normal from mesh is mostly CPU but fairly fast : it typically spends less time raycasting than loading and parsing the high poly mesh (which we cannot make multithreaded since it is third party code).
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