Author Topic: Error when trying to edit config with mesh update  (Read 1385 times)

[Paint editor] The document contains data for a material that is not present in the loaded scene. This material name is [Default].  You should update your scene materials names to be able to see and edit those data.

Not sure what to do =/

Does this affects the result of the painting on your mesh?
It means that the name of a material applied to your mesh has changed, but this may just be because you started working on that project before the Multi-material support was available.

I'm having the same problem. I went back into my C4D file to make a minor UV change and when I try to reimport the new mesh it clears all of my layers and errors.

Weirdly, even when I import the original file it gives the same error and clears my layers.

I'm using C4D R15 and am saving it out as a .3ds file because both .fbx and .obj don't give me texture sets in Substance.