Author Topic: Painter Layer Mask from Designer Base Material  (Read 1103 times)

I have created a custom material in designer with a lot of organic height map variation (basically fluffy moss). I am trying to bring the material from designer over to painter as a base fill layer that I can use in a smart material, but I want to have the layer mask/blend built into the material.

For our environment purposes I just generate the alpha in Designer and it's fine and I can adjust a Histogram scan to control how much there is and export that to static textures in UE4. But our character artists need this moss to blend over their characters in Painter and I wanted the layer mask to match the actual texture and not just be some arbitrary generator mask. In the past I've just created a few custom generators that would use the baked information, but for this I wanted to see if it was possible to directly control the layer blending/layer mask from the base designer material.

I feel like it should be pretty straight forward but maybe I am overthinking it. I was trying to just pass the blend mask from the designer material into the user0 channel, then create a really simple generator to apply to the layer mask to control the user0 channel as the input. But I can't seem to get it to function correctly. Has anyone tried this kind of thing before? Wondering if anyone has some suggestions. Thanks
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What you can do is create a moss filter rather than a material.

You can use the alpha of the base color paint on the layer on which the filter is applied to drive where the moss appears for example. Then you can modify this alpha in your material for it to conform to the moss shapes.

Finally, use that modified alpha to mask all the channels of your material (you will need a specific alpha output for all greyscale channels).