Author Topic: Question about alpha-blending mode in unity 2017.3  (Read 2366 times)

Hi, there is an issue when I tried to export texture from sp to unity3d.

I made few wine bottles (please have a look the image of attachments) to learn about transparency.

I added the opacity channel in the Textureset Setting and used the smart-material "glass visor" under the shader pbr-metal-rough-with-alpha-blending mode.

Then I exported the textures for both unity5 standard metallic and specular.

I changed the color space to Linear and disabled aliasing in the quality settings in unity3d.

But I got the totally different render result between sp and unity3d, which there is NO transparecy in unity3d at all...

I am new here...Anybody could help? Thanks a lot.

Anybody help? Thanks.

Anybody help? Thanks.


Very sorry for late response. For the Rendering mode on the shader did you change it from opaque to fade?

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Not too late,but thanks anyway...

Yes, I tried both fade and transparency in unity, alpha test and alpha blending in substance painter. No matter what I tested, the result between unity and substance painter was different.

Are there any issues if I use only one material for the whole 3D model? I would like to save some drawcall in the unity, so I tried to put the translucency and none-transparency in the same texture.Is that a mistake? So confused....

Here is a look what you said the fade mode... But I forgot how to insert the image attachment...

There is a picture I would like to show...

The color becomes shallow in unity and we cannot see the label from the back side of the bottle.

These issues seem happened with all my projects, which have alpha layers.

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