Author Topic: Explain me that: high-res texture is blurred/fuzzy  (Read 1581 times)

Hey there,
i have attached two pictures to show my problem. When my texture -that im using- has a small UV scale it`s looking way more sharper than which a high UV scale. Even it seems to be fuzzy. Thats not logical. Where is the problem?  (Note: I know that I could increase the size-resolustion up to 4096) but it doesnt make sence that the texture is fuzzy.  :o

Furthermore the same texture with a larger scale (first one 1000x1000, second one: 3000X3000) makes no visible difference. I`m totally confused :/

Thanks in advance! :)

Hey this is totally logical, and it is due to the texel ratio, which is the amount of available pixel per world unit generally we speak of pixels/meter.
here you are covering a large surface with a 2k texture, so it gives a texel ratio around 2048px/10m = 200px per meter (it may less than tha
which means that if your bricks are around 25cm in your first, they have 50 pixels in length to be drawn (and it seems to be even less than that).

in your second example the bricks seem to be 1 meter long, so they have 200 pixels to be represented so they get more definition.

in your case, you want the texture to repeat in the shader settings in the engine (not in the texture)

ok, thanks for the answer  :)

is there a way to increase the quality of the texture except changing the texture-res?

except making sure the UVs space is used efficiently, there is not much you can do.
There is no magic here: a texture cannot hold more info that the number of pixels it is composed of.