Author Topic: Subsurface Scattering Material  (Read 2364 times)

Hi, I was trying to replicate a SSS material like the tutorial below, but I'd like to know if there's anyway to fake it using the transmissive map output option, instead of an emissive output.

I wonder if it would be the exact same thing or is there another solution for this? I'm looking to make a plastic material with subsurface scattering. Regards.

Hey, I don't think the transmissive map is taken into account in the default shaders, but you can fake this in the base color maybe (?).
Thickness map should be your friend

Thank you Vincent, that would be another good option, I used the emissive output like in the video, my only concern would be if I publish the material to use it on Painter would that mess up with my maps and channels?

If you import this in SP, it will try to match the additional maps and outputs, according to the inputs/outputs usages you defined in SD.

Thank you Vincent, I think I just will add an extra node to preview the effect as emissive and another for the published material as transmissive. ;D