Author Topic: Can't add things to shelf folder anymore?  (Read 1431 times)

I've just built a new PC and with it installed the new 2017.2 version of Painter and I was trying to move my massive collection of materials into the shelf of my new install as I have done many times over the past year and for some reason Painter just won't see them now.

I put them into the shelf folder as I always have in the past and it worked, but now I start Painter and all it can see are the base Painter materials and the 20 I've downloaded from Substance Source. All the free ones I've gotten from around the internet and ones I've made myself are not showing up in the Material shelf.

I even tried making a whole new shelf folder and adding the files there then adding that as a shelf to Painter but that didn't do anything either.

Hey, could you provide your log file please?
Log file procedure :

Can you check in "MyDocuments/Substance Painter/Shelf" if your resources are there?