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Hello everyone,

I found this topic :

and the solution proposed by Wes McDermott is exactly what I want to do. Everything works fine Designer, but in Substance Player, ie after an Sbsar export, I have a very low resolution and the modification of my parameter does not change anything. it seems that the sbsar does not take into account the function in the output size. Is there an explanation for that?

You have to set the bitmap node resolution to the "maximum" resolution, using the "absolute" mode (so that the full data is saved into the sbsar) then set the node after to "Relative to Parent".
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Thank you for your answer !

Indeed, that's what I do. My bitmap in input is set to "absolute" and the nodes after to "relative to parent". But my goal is to be able to manage the resolution of the injected bitmap thanks to an integer 2 called in the output size, as described below:

"You can create an integer2 parameter and place its min and max to -1 (128) 3 (2048). Then, create an empty function for the output size of the node you want to control and use the get Integer 2, choose your parameter and set the node to output. Now you can control the size of the node from the user parameter."

But in substance player, my render is in low resolution and my parameter does not change anything :/

The stored bitmap inside the sbsar will be at the resolution it is currently set when exporting the sbsar.

So if you really want to separately change the bitmap resolution you'll still have to set it to absolute and make the resolution change in another node (like a transformation 2d node).
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Thank you for your answers, I will try this, it helps me a lot :)