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I know the title is a little unclear but I'm not sure how to address this issue. My keyboard shortcuts stop working. 'Del' doesn't delete, 'Backspace' doesn't delete and relink, 'd' doesn't dock, etc. Spacebar keeps working but that's about it.

I think I've backtraced it to whenever I use the docking function, it stops acknowledging any other command afterwards, but I have a hard time reproducing because the problem is so persistent that even when I close Designer and the terminal I'm running it from (I'm on linux at work) it is still active in the next Designer boot.

I've not tried removing preferences as we are currently still sharing those between users. I attached a log.

I think I can narrow this down a little. I can interact with nodes using keyboard shortcuts only if I do it immediately after releasing LMB.

Say I select a node and I move it around a little before trying to dock it, then I can't. But if I deselect it, select it again and immediately after releasing LMB (think within 150 milliseconds) hit 'd', it will dock without a problem. Why would that be?

So we switched to SD2017.1.2 and all of the above is traded for the inability to use RMB with a Wacom pen. Seems to work everywhere except for in the graph view and 2D view.
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Hello. I experience the same type of problem with Shortcuts. If I click on MiddleMouse button it works for a while and then stop again.
I have Version 2018.3.0 build 1826 commit d230771b Release (2018-12-05) under Linux