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Hey. I'm having a problem with the baking. I'll explain how I did the mesh.
I used 10 high poly and 10 low poly meshes to create two .fbx files and import them into Substance Painter. I have organized them by name. I used a texture atlas for all the low poly objects so they are all one a single UV. The lowpoly models have smoothing with no hard edges(i guess the reason lies somewhere within the fact that there is just one signle smoothing group)(they have uv seams tho) and i have triangulated them(beauty). The highpoly models have bevels, hard edges, edge split to create different smoothing groups and etc, no triangulation tho. Everything SHOULD be working fine, however I have problems and there appear to be artifacts after I bake the highpoly details to the lowpoly in just certain areas. Other areas are perfect. I am not entirely sure what the reason is. I tried with different rear and frontal with no result. Help is appreciated.

You should show your baking settings Eroval, that way it would be easier to receive a more precise advice.

They are:
Dilation width 1
Apply Diffusion
No Cage
Max Frontal - 0.01
Max Rear - 0.01
Relative to Bounding Box
Average Normals
Ignore Backface
Math - By Mesh Name(which i did in blender)
Antialiasing - none
and ofc to suffixes - _high, _low.

Weirdly enough, if I export just a one pair of objects (1 low, 1 high), the artifacts disappear, but I checked everything and it's all fine. 1 Texture atlas, all names done correctly, doesn't make sense.

Did you changed the material name of the mesh (in Blender) as well?

No. How should I rename the materials?

Yes, with the same convention.

'_high or low_'