Author Topic: [Solved] "Solid" white mask needed  (Read 1033 times)

Oh dear - I´m stuck with a very stupid issue :-( .

I would like to use SP to create a decal sheet and import this into UE4.  I use an height alpha image and stamp in onto a fill layer to mask out my normal details. Then I export the normal map.

So far so good, but I also need a "solid" masking map for my decal material in UE4. If I use the exported opacity map, some parts of the normal map get lost, because it is semi-transparent. I actually need a white solid "silhouette" of my details without transparency.

Am I beeing totally stupid :-/ ?

EDIT: To answer my question - yes, I am. I had to use the input normal map (alpha) and not the converted normal map :-/ .
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