Author Topic: Arnold 5 Export for C4DtoA (without UDIM)  (Read 594 times)


I am still strugeling with to find the right settings / channels for the exportet textures.
Here is what I am doing at the moment:

BaseColor > Main/Base/Color (Colorspace sRGB)
Normals > normal_map > Main/Geometry/Normal (Colorspace linear / Color to signed checked under Advanced)
Metalness > Main/Base/Metalness (Colorspace sRGB)
Roughness > Main/Base/Roughness (Colorspace sRGB)
Height > not used

Base: Weight 1
Specular everything to 0

To test the setting I use a cube and the smartmaterial machinerey. Something with the settings is not yet right because the rust parts also reflect the light?
What am I doing wrong? What would be a real help would be if somebody had a simple Testscene with a finished material.