Author Topic: Brush resets off screen when crtl+(R or L drag) to change brush size/rotation  (Read 443 times)

Every time I scale my brush size or rotate my brush using crtl+(R or L click and drag) my brush resets far off of the screen to the right. I have changed my monitor set up, unplugged my Wacom tablet, changed my mouse, but I am still having this problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for the log!
Firstly, we should try to find and isolate the source of your issue. For example, do you have the issue only in tablet mode or also with your mouse? Have you tried deactivating windows ink?
Is the problem happening on all Substance Painter projects or only your current one?
Lastly, would it be possible for you to test if the sliders controlling those parameters are working?
Thank you for your answer, in the hope I can help.
Geoffroy SC