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I have a strange issue where I have no export presets. I've tried re-installing the program. This really bums me out  :-[
Any idea what's happening here?

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Just for the sake of gathering info..and trying to help at the same time..
'How does the configuration page look (the other tab in that dialog window).
AKA: are the presets listed / deleted / duplicated 100 times ? ..etc..

Thanks for the help ^^

The configuration page looks pretty standard. I had to set up my own presets in other projects to export channels and Unity textures... but it's become a pain in the ass at this point. I just wish I could fix it.
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// Edited:  ..check your Unity/channels/etc preset files for errors ?
Or delete a map from the cfg and then replace it, hopefully causing the export preset to re-write itself.. :/

Honestly, I don't know why these files aren't just human-readable / xml. #ffs

I supplied this answer before I thought about your reply.. I was eating lunch and on phone at the same forgive me. ;)
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1. If you're using a custom shelf path, then check your custom shelf to see if there is an "Export presets" folder with files..(as seen on right side of image).
2. If you're using the default shelf, then check the  default shelf for this DIR and files.
■ 3. Check the install path(I used default install path for 2017.2), as shown in the image.
If you find the export presets folder to contain the presets, then copy them to your shelf.
I could zip up the DIR an files for you to download and add, but I am not sure what version you're using, nor how Alleg. would react to me helping in that way(various variables/scenarios).

image I previously supplied when I posted without proper focus.
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Thank you so much! That fixed it. Just a simple error in the file path in settings.

Such a little thing causing me so much grief. I overlooked the export presets folder on the shelf, I never have to go there.

Again, much appreciated ^_^

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isn't it always the simplest things that frustrate the most ?!  ;D