Author Topic: seamless texturing of large projects over multiple UV maps  (Read 832 times)


A problem that I encounter continuously for large projects.
Situation: multiple mesh elements (often modular) with separate UV maps in most cases.
Image: not limited to this situation but just as example.


Problem: SP work with texture sets, each element can be brough in with a different ID applied by another "material". Each texture set can be painted individual but you can not paint on other sets when one is active.
Bringing in as one large object the UV, bake will overlap the UV's. Bringing in as separate sets: The alignment of for example "brickwork" will have to adjusted for each individual piece. Making the UV shells matching is also not an option since I would loose valuable UV real estate.
Final result has to be baked to a 1K diffuse which is not the best but have to live with it.

I presume more people must meet this kind of issues, manual adaptation is tedious. Is there any workaround for this kind of situations.

Thank you very much in advance,


Painting multiple selected "TextureSets" is srsly..srsly needed.

Also, Painter should use a special regional based helper texture map for the brush tool to "stack-snap" the brush based upon max/min coords/volume placements based upon a 2D polygonal editable shape and some other variable settings. This would make stacking bricks/vents/greebles.. a cinch. having this work in UV viewport would be rather pleasing.

Nevertheless, this "snapping helper map" should be moveable/adjustable when the feature's debug is turned on.
Is there more or a better resolve zedtremont ?

This would help indeed quite a bit.
Understand that it's been a choice to have the possibility to only paint on individual texture sets and not to cross them. In many situations this is helpful as long as your objects are relatively small. For large object and mostly architectual work where you do not use a plain white wall there is a serious problem. Perhaps it would be possible to have an option which makes it possible (kind off on/off situation) that would help a lot.