Author Topic: How does one paint inside an object?  (Read 980 times)

I have a tunnel that I'm texturing.  The normals point inside, as they should, and due to (automatic) backface culling in the 3d view, I have access to the faces to be painted.  Unfortunately, when I attempt to paint the floor of the tunnel, it's the ceiling that gets the texture, and vice-versa.  I have backface culling enabled on the brush, and I've tried various settings and alignments, but I can't seem to get the textures to the surface that needs them.  How does one do this?

Hey, could you send a screenshot of your model?
One solution would be to separate your model in 2 different textureSets that you merge later on, so you can easily access the different parts to paint on.

Here's a screenshot:

I'm not sure about the textureset merging part.  Would that just be combining the exported texture files manually in Photoshop or whatever?  I could do that easily enough, I suppose.  If there's no way to get inside the model for painting, then I'm fine with that.

you could flip the model faces in a 3d application, then in SP and flip them back (quite of a hack, but it could work)
or you can pain in the 2D view.

Looks like I'll have to flip, paint, and reflip.  The two-materials approach didn't work out.  Thanks for the tip.